ADIS Diploma

ADIS Diploma

Achieve Excellence in Safety Management with an ADIS Diploma from IISM

In today’s fast-paced world, workplace safety and risk management have become paramount concerns for organizations across industries. As the demand for competent safety professionals rises, obtaining specialized qualifications has become essential. One such prestigious certification is the Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety (ADIS). In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of ADIS Diploma and why the Indian Institute of Safety Management (IISM) stands as the finest institute to pursue this course.

ADIS Diploma
ADIS Diploma

Understanding Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety

The Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety (ADIS) is a comprehensive program designed to equip aspiring safety professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and mitigate workplace hazards effectively. The course covers a wide range of topics, including industrial safety regulations, risk assessment, emergency planning, safety audits, accident investigation, and more. This Diploma program is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a rewarding career in occupational health and safety management.

The Relevance of ADIS Diploma

  1. Industry Recognition: This Diploma program is widely recognized and respected by industries worldwide. Possessing this qualification demonstrates an individual’s commitment to safety and their competence in implementing safety measures in various work environments.
  2. Career Advancement: In the competitive job market, ADIS Diploma holders enjoy a competitive edge over others. They have increased opportunities for career growth and are often considered for leadership roles in safety management.
  3. Enhanced Skill Set: This Diploma program curriculum is meticulously crafted to cover all aspects of industrial safety. Graduates gain a comprehensive understanding of safety regulations, risk assessment techniques, emergency response protocols, and accident prevention strategies.
  4. Contribution to Workplace Safety: With this Diploma graduates in their ranks, organizations can foster a culture of safety and minimize accidents, leading to a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Indian Institute of Safety Management (IISM): The Best Choice for ADIS Diploma

When it comes to pursuing the ADIS Diploma, selecting the right institute plays a crucial role in shaping one’s career. Among the plethora of options available, the Indian Institute of Safety Management (IISM) stands out as the best choice. Here’s why:

  1. Legacy of Excellence: With over a years of experience in the field of safety education, IISM has built a strong legacy of excellence in producing skilled safety professionals. Its track record speaks volumes about its commitment to delivering quality education.
  2. Industry-Experienced Faculty: IISM boasts a team of highly qualified faculty members with extensive industry experience. Their practical insights and guidance ensure that students gain valuable real-world knowledge, making them job-ready.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum: The ADIS Diploma program at IISM is thoughtfully structured, covering all essential aspects of industrial safety. The curriculum is continuously updated to align with the latest industry trends and best practices.
  4. State-of-the-Art Facilities: IISM provides students with state-of-the-art facilities and modern training equipment. This enables learners to engage in hands-on exercises and simulations, preparing them to face real-life safety challenges confidently.
  5. Placement Assistance: IISM extends strong placement support to its students. The institute maintains robust industry connections, which facilitates successful job placements for ADIS Diploma graduates.

Highlights of ADIS Diploma course at IISM


Best Institute for Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety IISM: Indian Institute of Safety Management
Affiliation of IISM West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education and Skill Development
Duration One Year Regular Day Course consisting of 2 semesters
Eligibility Graduate ( PCM) or Diploma / Degree in Engineering / Technology / Science or its equivalent Examination.
Mode of classes · Batch -> Weekly 4 Days

·Timing ->  Weekly 4 Days each day 2-classes and 2hrs each.


Location  33A N.K. Ghosal Road, Kasba, Near 91 Ward Office, Kolkata – 700042
Contact No. 9830934390



Job Opportunities After Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety Course

  1. Safety Officer/Coordinator: Graduates of the ADIS course are well-equipped to take on the role of safety officers or coordinators. They are responsible for implementing and enforcing safety protocols, conducting risk assessments, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations in the workplace.
  2. Safety Supervisor: With their in-depth knowledge of safety procedures and protocols, ADIS Diploma holders can work as safety supervisors. They oversee safety practices on-site, conduct safety training for employees, and manage safety-related documentation.
  3. Health and Safety Consultant: Many ADIS Diploma graduates opt to become health and safety consultants. They work independently or with consulting firms, providing expert advice to organizations on safety measures, risk assessment, and accident prevention.
  4. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Specialist: EHS specialists focus on identifying and mitigating workplace hazards related to the environment, health, and safety. ADIS Diploma holders can excel in this role due to their comprehensive understanding of safety principles.
  5. Safety Auditor: ADIS graduates often find opportunities as safety auditors. They assess workplaces for compliance with safety standards and regulations, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring the implementation of safety protocols.
  6. Emergency Response Manager: With their training in emergency planning and response, ADIS Diploma holders can pursue roles as emergency response managers. They develop contingency plans, conduct drills, and coordinate responses during emergencies.
  7. Safety Trainer/Instructor: ADIS Diploma holders can venture into the field of training and education, becoming safety trainers or instructors. They deliver safety courses and workshops to educate employees about safety practices and procedures.
  8. Construction Safety Officer: Construction companies seek ADIS Diploma graduates to work as construction safety officers. They monitor construction sites, enforce safety guidelines, and promote a safe working environment for workers.
  9. Industrial Hygienist: ADIS Diploma holders can explore careers as industrial hygienists. They analyze workplace environments for potential health hazards, such as chemical exposures, noise, and ergonomic risks, and recommend preventive measures.
  10. Compliance Officer: ADIS graduates can work as compliance officers, ensuring that organizations adhere to safety regulations and legal requirements related to workplace safety.

Salary After Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety Course

The salary of an ADIS diploma holder in West Bengal and India can vary depending on the experience, skills, and location of the individual. However, the average starting salary for an ADIS diploma holder in India is around ₹1.4 lakhs per year (₹11.7k per month). In West Bengal, the average starting salary is slightly lower, at around ₹1.2 lakhs per year (₹10k per month).

With experience, the salary of an ADIS diploma holder can increase significantly. For example, a senior safety officer with 5+ years of experience can earn an average salary of ₹3 lakhs per year (₹25k per month). In West Bengal, the average salary for a senior safety officer is around ₹2.5 lakhs per year (₹20k per month).

The salary of an ADIS diploma holder can also be affected by the location. In major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, the salaries are generally higher than in smaller cities or towns.

Here are some of the factors that can affect the salary of an ADIS diploma holder:

  • Experience: The more experience an individual has, the higher their salary will be.
  • Skills: The specific skills and knowledge that an individual possesses will also affect their salary.
  • Location: The location of the individual’s job can also affect their salary.
  • Industry: The industry in which the individual works can also affect their salary.

FAQ on ADIS Diploma


  1. What is the duration of the Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety (ADIS) course?

The ADIS course typically has a duration of one year, divided into two or more semesters. However, the exact duration may vary depending on the institute or university offering the course

  1. How will the ADIS course benefit my career prospects in the safety industry?

The ADIS course provides comprehensive knowledge and skills related to industrial safety, making you eligible for various job opportunities in the safety industry. It enhances your employability as safety officers, supervisors, consultants, auditors, and trainers across diverse sectors.

3. Does the ADIS course cover practical training and real-world applications?

Yes, the ADIS course often includes practical training and real-world simulations. Students get hands-on experience in risk assessment, safety audits, emergency response planning, and accident investigation, preparing them for real-life safety challenges in the workplace.

4.Is the Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety course recognized by industries and government authorities?

Yes, the ADIS course is widely recognized by industries and government authorities. Graduates receive a valuable certification that demonstrates their expertise in safety management, and it enhances their credibility and job prospects in the field of industrial safety.


In conclusion, obtaining an ADIS Diploma can open doors to a rewarding career in safety management. As safety concerns grow in importance globally, the demand for qualified safety professionals continues to rise. If you are looking to pursue the ADIS Diploma, the Indian Institute of Safety Management (IISM) stands as the top choice, offering a holistic learning experience and industry-recognized certification.

Invest in your future, choose ADIS Diploma, and join IISM to embark on an exciting journey toward becoming a proficient safety professional. Enroll at IISM today to secure a prosperous and fulfilling career in the field of industrial safety!